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Mercury foundation
Artificial Intelligence Asset Management
705% since inception

The «Mercury» investment fund was established in 2016 to optimize the management of its own capital. The main idea of its creation was the integration of 10 years of capital management experience into the strategy of making trading decisions without human participation. Now most of the «Mercury» team is programmers and mathematicians.

Starting out as a family office, the Mercury Foundation was closed to external investment. However, in 2017, after connecting to the crypto-currency market, according to numerous requests, registration was opened by invitation. Now, to connect to the fund, you need to get a link from an already active participant.

The asset management technology developed by Mercury is also applicable as an external service for third-party funds. Cooperation in this area is a priority in strategic development and is already being tested. Implemented functionality for managing portfolios that exceed one million dollars.


The first positive results were obtained on the Moscow Stock Exchange with futures trading a few months after the start of development. And at the beginning of 2017, the revised strategy was transferred to the crypto-currency market, where practically no adaptations immediately showed a phenomenal result.

In full, the effectiveness of the strategy is manifested when managing a portfolio of at least $ 10,000 on one exchange. The upper limit and the number of accounts on the exchanges are unlimited. This allows qualitatively to diversify the investment portfolio and get the maximum profitability with minimal risks.

Now, more than 100 instruments on five exchanges are used for money management, and this list is constantly growing. In 2019, we plan to significantly expand the toolkit by connecting to traditional financial markets. Food, real estate, currencies, precious metals, energy resources, ETF, shares of the world's largest companies and much more will be available for diversifying the portfolio of any volume.


When connected to the Mercury Fund, the client retains full control over its capital. For full-fledged work, you must provide access to a personal exchange account, allowing us to make trading transactions without the possibility of withdrawing funds. All trading operations will take place on the client's accounts, under his supervision, with monthly reports in Telegram and current statistics in his personal account.

Safe storage of personal data and protection against hacking are a priority task of the fund. To solve it, the best specialists are attracted and advanced technologies are used that practically do not lend itself to hacker attacks. With clients, work is underway to inform about the methods of abduction of funds and protection from them. The set of measures taken allows us to state that the capital of our clients is securely protected.

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