About Us

The «Mercury» investment fund was established in 2016 to optimize the management of its own capital. The main idea of its creation was the integration of 10 years of capital management experience into the strategy of making trading decisions without human participation. Now most of the «Mercury» team is programmers and mathematicians.

Starting out as a family office, the Mercury Foundation was closed to external investment. However, in 2017, after connecting to the crypto-currency market, according to numerous requests, registration was opened by invitation. Now, to connect to the fund, you need to get a link from an already active participant.

The asset management technology developed by Mercury is also applicable as an external service for third-party funds. Cooperation in this area is a priority in strategic development and is already being tested. Implemented functionality for managing portfolios that exceed one million dollars.

5 key features of the Mercury Foundation

  1. Reliability. We manage customer assets directly on their accounts, without access to withdrawal of funds. In addition, we are focused on the constant increase of the system's stability to external factors. The technical side of the issue is occupied by the best specialists with vast experience. Customer data and access to their wallets are protected really well.
  2. Systematic. The adoption of any trading decisions is based on mathematical calculations. Technically and consistently, the robot determines all the parameters of the system, leaving no room for guesswork and emotion.
  3. Autonomy. Our system does not necessarily need qualified traders. All solutions are taken by the robots themselves. From asset selection, to entry time, stop-loss and exit points.
  4. Universality. We do not use customizable parameters to adjust the system to the current phase of the market. When the trend changes to the opposite, it will not be a problem for our robots.
  5. Perspective. The system allows to successfully trade not only with the crypto currency, but with any other types of assets. We will connect new markets to be able to earn in any situation.

Risks and Guarantees

We focus on large customers who are focused on long-term cooperation and diversification of the portfolio for distribution of risks. Unlike financial pyramids, we do not accept customer money to the Fund's account and do not pay out profits by attracting the following customers. We guarantee that all profits are generated solely through market speculation.

All the time, all the clients' money is under their complete control. The client can see the entire history of operations right on the exchange to finally close the questions for himself - where does the profit come from and what do we get a commission for. For security reasons, we do not have the technical capacity to withdraw customer funds. In order to exclude the risk of unauthorized access to clients' wallets, we forbid you to include this access to us or to anyone in the account settings on the exchange. Therefore, we guarantee that the client will be able to independently withdraw his money in full at any time.

The investment horizon necessary for an adequate assessment of the work of the Fund is one year. This does not mean that the client will make a profit and will be able to withdraw it only after a year. Technically, the client can withdraw all the money even the next day without even notifying us. Unless, of course, he decided to never again use our services. We guarantee that the client can at any time check any of our actions for any period, not only in the personal cabinet, but also on the exchange itself.

A year is usually a sufficient period for changing several phases of the market, when in some months it is possible to obtain a super-income, while in others to fix the small losses provided by our risk management strategy. Therefore, we ask the clients to be patient. Do not experience excessive euphoria after the closure of successful months and do not get upset after a drawdown. For a year, everything will fall into place. This is the specificity of mathematical speculation of quantum funds on the stock exchange.


Most modern trading robots are a set of scripts for execution on the server. For their full work requires the participation of a person. Moreover, the qualification of this person and his personal qualities play a KEY role in the long-term result of the work. Having studied the market, on one still earning, you will meet ninety-nine ruined.

We are developing a new generation of trading robots. The main idea of our product is to completely exclude the human factor from the process of money management. A person needs our system for testing, debugging and continuing the development of new functions. And all decisions on money management are taken by the robot independently.

In our system there are no settings and parameters for adjusting to the situation on the market. To add a new financial instrument, we only need the entire history of the quotation from the very beginning. The system itself determines its position in the market, calculates the share of the instrument in the portfolio, determines the time of entry and exit.

99% of algorithmic traders and funds declare that their systems are built on technical analysis. Technical - means based on numbers, parameters and mathematical concepts. Basically, they collect hundreds and thousands of unconnected technical indicators into one big bunch, adjust the parameters to the current situation on the market and call it "technical analysis". The reasonableness of such an "analysis" is very easy to see after a change in the phase of the market and the generation of significant losses. Given the absence of a universal methodology - this situation will be repeated time after time. Such methods work only for a short time.

By universality, we mean operating with only mathematical facts. When we talk about stock speculation with the help of technical analysis - the only unambiguous facts are only the values of price and time, fixed on the chart. We base our trading method on the analysis of precisely these parameters.

It is important to understand that the true task of the instruments of technical analysis is not to predict the future, but to offer mathematically grounded solutions for the current situation on the market.

A careful study of the theory of technical analysis allowed us to describe all the nuances of market trading by mathematical algorithms and did not leave space for double interpretations. Constantly checking with the original sources, more than two years we have rewritten the complex formulations from scientific books into computer code. The volume of this code is already comparable to the three volumes of “War and Peace”. And our scientists and programmers continue to work with increasing intensity.

We are convinced that speculation in the markets can be treated exclusively from the scientific point of view. As all large market fluctuations are cyclical, they act in accordance with the periodic law. And this principle explains why certain assets at one time lead the market, and then lose value.

Representatives of algorithmic trading are often criticized for selling non-working techniques and robots. We also do not understand why you need to sell a robot that makes money? Those who do this, we consider scammers, who knowingly mislead their customers.

We have already implemented and tested a mathematically grounded market model that is not tied to the specific features of the chart, the type of asset and the individual trader's characteristics. Tried it on the stock market in trading stocks and futures. Later, with little or no change, this model was transferred to the crypto-currency market, where it also steadily makes a profit. This allows us to manage the portfolio in general without the involvement of a person constantly improving the quality of decisions taken.