1. All settlements are made in the base currency of the fund - USDT or USD, depending on the exchanges.
  2. When connected, we automatically sell at the current market price in the base currency all assets that are not currently in the fund's portfolio.
  3. The initial deposit and all replenishments are fixed in the base currency at the market price at the time of replenishment.
  4. The fund remuneration is 50% of the profit received. There is no subscription fee.
  5. On the first day of each month, based on the results of the previous month's work, we calculate the amount of the remuneration and send an invoice to Telegram. Invoice must be paid within a week. Invoices and reports are also available in your user's personal cabinet.
  6. If the results are negative, remuneration to the fund is not paid until the balance of the account shows profit in respect of the last paid month.
  7. If you want to withdraw less than 30% of your deposit and are sure that the remaining part is enough to pay the commission, in case of sufficient amount of USDT, you can do this without a preliminary application from your personal cabinet.
  8. In other cases to withdraw funds you need to make a request in your personal cabinet. When the required amount is ready for withdrawal, we will report it to the Telegram. Usually it takes from a minute to two weeks, depending on the required amount of withdrawal and opened account positions.
  9. Manual intervention in the trade can cause errors and the subsequent disabling of the account. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not perform any operations manually except for replenishment and withdrawal. It is possible to buy the currency you need when withdrawing funds.


  1. By connecting to our system, you confirm that you have carefully assessed whether your financial position and the attitude to the risk for investing in buying, selling and speculative trading in crypto-currencies and other high-risk financial instruments are appropriate.
  2. You confirm that you have been warned about the expediency of investing in high-risk transactions not more than 10 percent of your capital.
  3. You understand whether the risks arising from operations in the financial markets are acceptable to you in view of your goals and financial capabilities.
  4. You understand that the results of investing received in previous periods can not be a guarantee of earning income in the future.
  5. You are aware of the legal risk - risk of legislative changes (legislative risk) - the possibility of losses with the appearance of new ones or changes (cancellation) of existing legislative acts, including tax ones. Legislative risk also includes the possibility of losses from the absence of regulatory legal acts regulating activities in the financial market, and in particular in the crypto-currency market.
  6. Mercury Foundation is not liable for the costs of the client, due to the insolvency or bankruptcy of partner organizations.
  7. Mercury Foundation is not your tax agent. You are aware of the risks associated with the violation of the tax laws of your state. The client undertakes to interact independently with the tax authorities.
  8. The client bears all responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of access data to trading accounts and is obliged to prevent the possibility of third parties' access to their devices. The —Ālient's losses and risks associated with the restoration of access to the trading account do not impose obligations on the Mercury Foundation.
  9. The client undertakes to connect only fully verified exchange accounts to the Mercury Foundation system. Connecting unverified or not fully verified accounts can lead to critical losses in case of blocking by the exchange. In such a case, the Mercury Foundation shall not be liable for such damages.
  10. We warn that payment of prohibited goods or services from your addresses, as well as payment for any compromised addresses, can provoke a complete account lockdown with loss of access to funds without the possibility of recovery. In this case, the fund does not bear any responsibility for the loss of funds and losses on the account.